Favourite summer dessert – ice cream, a fruit of our own production, is located within the restaurant Kasina. For now, we count 18 tastes, but we are constantly experimenting in order to always have something new in the summer assortment of flavours and thus contribute to even greater enjoyment of our guests. In addition to the classics – vanilla and chocolate, which can also be found in our winter menu, as well as the always popular flavors of wild fruits, strawberries, kiwi, pineapple and raspberries (which we make from fresh fruit), we also offer some non-standard flavors, among which we especially recommend the taste of black mulberry.

Cups & Ice cream

Kapri 335 rsd
silky vanilla cream and light jelly with milk chocolate

Tiramisu 315 rsd
Italian maskarpone cheese cream with added amarette and coffee


Fruit cup 350 rsd


Banana split 335 rsd


Fruit salad 300 rsd

Fruit plate 590 rsd

Pineapple portion 480 rsd

Ice cream scoop 100 rsd

Cream scoop 50 rsd

Cookie shake 310 rsd

Banana choko 360 rsd

Forest mix 375 rsd

Cherry mania 375 rsd

Cookies cup 365 rsd


Cheese cake 315 rsd
maskarpone cheese sprinkled with forest fruits, cookie bark

Plazma banana 355 rsd
fresh banana and cookie mus, filled with fine crispy milk chocolate


Apple pie 315 rsd
crispy crust with baked apples and cinnamon


Framboaž 355 rsd
black chocolate and raspberry cream, with cream & vanilla ice cream


Peach cake 345 rsd
a thin crust of white and walnut, vanilla cream and peach

Rocher 315 rsd
cream of milk chocolate, stuffed with pieces of nuts and nutella, spilled with milk chocolate

Choco mousse 355 rsd
light black chocolate mousse, sprinkled with chocolate glaze

Volcano 315 rsd
white chocolate cream with caramel flavor, stuffed with raspberries, blueberries and viola