Premium desserts

Hazelnut 480 rsd
homemade roasted hazelnut paste, milk chocolate ganache made of 33% cocoa, crispy French meringue and a dark chocolate glaze

Chocolate 420 rsd
a silky milk chocolate cream made of 33% cocoa and crispy chocolate pearls on a dark chocolate biscuit topped with a velvety dark chocolate mousse


Cherry 460 rsd
homemade cherry compote on a moist biscuit flavoured with chocolate syrup, dark chocolate ganache made from 60% cocoa


Peach 420 rsd
bavarian cream made from fresh light cheese, crunchy white chocolate and cinnamon brittle with a fresh peach centre


Choco orange 305 rsd
black chocolate with fine orange cream and pieces of candied fruit

Sweet kiss 355 rsd
chocolate crust soaked with pineapple juice, vanilla cream, fresh strawberry and pineapple


Nougat 355 rsd
white and milk chocolate cream with the addition of hazelnut